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Since the beginning of 2016, Fibre broadband has become move available to UK businesses DSUK have realised this and we are now offering a wide of Fibre Broadband services:-

Fibre Broadband

These range from:-

  • Capped Fibre broadband- usage capped to 50gb per month
  • Unlimited Fibre Broadband—either with an upload speed of 10mps and a download speed of 40 or Fibre broadband of 20mps up and 80 mps down.
  • Superfast Virgin Broadband is now a product we can offer as well with speeds of up to 300mps –just ask us to see if you can benefit from these product?
  • We still offer ADSL2+ for businesses that are unable to obtain fibre.

Leased Lines

The cost of a leased line has reduced over the past few months, lease lines guarantee the end user a quality of service and have service level agreements for downtime whereas Fibre Broadband doesn’t. With speeds up to 1gb businesses are taking advantage of this reduced cost and becoming more efficient.

Wireless Lease Lines

Through a range of suppliers we can now supply wireless leased lines- business’s that require a quick turnaround or are in an area where the costs are too great these types of lines sometimes are the solution to replace slow broadband speeds.


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