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No matter what you do, whether you’re a sole-trader, run an SME or are the CEO of a large organisation, the ability to work whenever and wherever you need or want to is hugely important. Time is money, and losing either because you’re stuck at home with the kids because of a teaching strike or the car’s broken down is something few of us have any tolerance for.

These days we’re surrounded by tech which serves to make our lives easier, and as a result we can appear to be in the office, whilst actually being in a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods (signal permitting, of course). It’s this sort of tech, when it comes to all forms of telecommunication that we at Diamond Solutions specialise in. (more…)

The UK’s best and worst cities for 4G coverage – 2017

uk 4g coverage 2017

This week the UKs best and worst cities for 4G coverage were revealed with the north fairing significantly better than the south (which causes Kent-born Tony no end of turmoil). According to consumer group Which? and OpenSignal, Middlesbrough and Teeside had the best coverage at 82.7%, followed by Sheffield with 79.3%; however, Bournemouth and Poole ranked lowest with 67.5% with Southampton and Portsmouth not fairing much better at 69.6%.

Stoke on Trent appears to be the best place to be if you want a fast download speed, with Brighton being the worst. You may be forgiven what any of this matters, but with most of us living our lives, and even running our businesses from our mobiles, having strong, fast and reliable connectivity is vital. (more…)

Working smart are you?


With the start of a new tax year many business owners are busy thinking about how to earn more and spend less over the next 12 months.  No matter what financial health your company is currently in, few of us would shun the opportunity to do better.

How then can you give your balance sheet a makeover for the year 2017/2018?

#1 Networking

No matter what industry you work in or whether you sell products or services, every business need to spend money on marketing.  How you decide to spend that money though depends entirely on what is it you’re trying to achieve.

Gone are the days when you could only place adverts in The Yellow Pages, now you have a heady variety of options from Google Ads to social media and email campaigns.

Although tech is everywhere, and obviously dominated our professional and personal lives, you can’t get away from the simple fact that we are all just people trying to sell to people.  As such, getting in front of those people will always be one of the most effective, and often most cost effective, ways of spreading the message.

Fact to face networking, whether at a one-off event or in a members-only group, offers a fantastic way to increase your referrals, and also get people to act as your sales team. It can also be quite a lot of fun!

# 2 Outsource

When you run your own business it can feel like it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to do it all yourself.  You can manage your own social media, add up your income, send your own invoices and plan your marketing; however, it doesn’t take long for it all to get a bit overwhelming, certainly if you are busy doing the actual work.

Whilst outsourcing is going to cost you money, it doesn’t have to cost the earth, and ultimately it can be worth any outlay by recouping your valuable time. Time you can spend focussing on your business and ensuring you are moving in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter what it is you outsource – bookkeeping, your website, your phone calls or even your address with a virtual receptionist, just find an expert and trust them.

# 3 Stay mobile

There is a certain prestige to having a dedicated work space; however, if you don’t really need it (i.e. you don’t have any staff to provide space for) it can be an expensive and unnecessary luxury.  Thanks to technology there is no reason why you have to be in a particular place at any given time.

If you have the right tech equipment, whether that be a Wi-Fi hotspot, good mobile phone with the right contract, or even a VOIP phone, you can work at anytime, anywhere.  There is no need to be chained to a particular desk, or office space.

Go out there and explore the world!


Apps – more apps ?

Most of us know that 23rd April is St George’s Day; however, it’s also UN English Language Day.  While you might not have heard of this day before, it was actually established in 2010 by UNESCO and seeks to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as to promote equal use of all six of its official working languages throughout the organisation.

While you might assume the date was chosen to coincide with celebrations of our patron Saint, the reality is it’s actually to mark the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.  For those of you who fancy yourselves as wordsmiths, we have a selection of apps that can keep you head and shoulders above your peers.


We were at the Big Bolton Expo

Two weeks ago Diamond Solutions exhibited at The Big Bolton Expo, and we had a great time.

The expo itself, which was run by the team at thebestofBolton (who we are proud members of) was excellent. Long before we even stepped through the doors of the venue we had nothing but support from Gaynor and her guys and gals.

Whilst it’s good to know someone is on hand to answer all your questions, and deal with any issues along the way, the best thing is knowing they’re taking it as seriously as you are.  Marketing is always one of the biggest outlays any business will be involved with, and the proof is always in the pudding.  An expo is no different.


Walk to work day?

Did you know that 7th April is Walk to Work Day?  To be honest, it’s not exactly up there with Christmas and New Year’s, but it is a good date for the diary.  Walking has so many health benefits, regardless of your current physical status, and best of all, is free.  Not only that, but it’s good for the environment and simple to get involved in.

If you want to take advantage of this date in a bid to increase your calories whilst reducing your carbon footprint then one of the best ways is to use an app.  We decided to look at some of the free apps that are available out there for you, and here are our top five:

# 1 MapMyWalk

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows this app gives you everything you’re likely to need.

Straight away you can access popular routes by location, whether you’re in Edinburgh, London or Tallahassee.  In fact, there are over 70 million routes to choose from, so there’s definitely going to be a little something for everyone.

Not only can you map out your entire route and keep track of them for future reference, you can also record your activity off-app by entering information manually. If you plan to use the app to help you stay on top of any fitness goals you have, then there is also the option to enter information regarding your diet and nutrition so you can have a complete picture of what you are doing when it comes to your fitness lifestyle.

One of our favourite elements is the social part, where you can add friends to provide each other with encouragement, or even set up your own little friendly competition.


Facebook Rocket Symbol

Chances are you won’t have seen the new Facebook rocket symbol that is appearing on some people’s menus, as it is only being rolled out to a few users.  However, you might have heard that those who have had the icon mysteriously appear on their iOS and Android devices are feeling a little confused.

Facebook are in the process of tentatively trialing a change to their news feed algorithm which will allow users to access a whole new range of content they “might” be interested in.


Phones and attention spans

Did you know that of all the people that read the headline for this article, only 20% will bother to read the actual content?  The fact that you are here already makes you one of the dedicated elite.

However, there’s every chance you won’t actually make it to the end of this article.  Thanks to our constant connectivity, distractions from social media, ping of smartphones and the lure of hyperlinks it would appear our attention spans are getting increasingly shorter as time goes by.

The fact that you’ve made it this far is nothing short of a miracle, frankly.


Wi-Fi at Airports

It might seem a way off still, but now we have had Shrove Tuesday it won’t be that long before Easter is here.  In fact, you’ve probably noticed the supermarkets already showcasing their range of chocolate eggs and matching novelty egg cups to mark the occasion.

While the youngsters may be excited by the impending visit from the Easter Bunny, adults are no doubt more likely to be counting down the days until the associated holidays and a chance to grab some much needed sun (and sangria).


Are you addicted?

Here at Diamond Solutions we love our phones.  It doesn’t matter what phones we have, we just love them, and we wouldn’t be without them.

We got to talking in the office about the difference between healthy usage of a mobile device and overreliance, bordering on obsession.

Here are the top five signs we came up with to show if someone is addicted to their phone or not.  How many do you recognise?


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