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August Educational Apps

The summer holidays are a perfect opportunity for kids (and sometimes parents) to unwind.  However, a debate the rages in many households over these six weeks is how much homework children should be doing.

It’s undoubtedly a contentious issue – and one that’s not likely to be resolved any time soon.

Many parents believe children deserve total downtime, especially if they have had a difficult year, or if they have excelled in class.  Equally, there are some who believe the best thing to do is plough on, ensuring children don’t forget what they’ve been learning, and are in the best position to carry on once term starts again in September.


Mobile phones and crime

We probably shouldn’t laugh (although, it is funny and therefore hard not to), but last month a burglar was jailed after he left his mobile phone at the scene of the crime.

Leon Jacques, 29 from Chesterfield was sentenced to 39 months after dropping his mobile phone in a widower’s bedroom, as he made off with a safe containing over £3,000 in cash.


Customer Service Problems

It’s hard pressed to argue that the mobile industry is at the forefront of innovation. With 5G round the corner (depending who you speak to) we are going to have an increasing reliance on our mobile devices and applications.

For many it’s an exciting sector to work in, and one that offers many challenges.  Personally, we think one of the biggest challenges facing the industry involves customer satisfaction.


Telecom Timelines

In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patented the first phone (though, the first phone call wasn’t made until 1878). To celebrate an amazing 141 years, we thought we’d have a quick look over how the telecommunications industry has changed.

In 1946 the first mobile phones were introduced.  These were actually car-based, weighed in at 80lbs, and were marketed to travelling business men and truck fleet operators. Hardly the most practical for day to day use!


The how why and where of mobile phones

Most people assume when it comes to a mobile phone they know what they’re doing. More importantly, if they don’t, they can just pop in to the local store of their choice for expert advice and tips.

However, that’s not entirely the case.  Or at least not all the time.

Network providers do often have high street stores where you can talk to a real live human being, face to face. But what happens when something goes wrong?  In most cases those customer service reps are there to answer basic queries, advise and sell.  If you have any problems after that you’re directed to their call centre where your call is important to them, but will take weeks to be answered.


Mobile phones and concerts

No one is likely to have failed to notice that Glastonbury was last month; however, you might not have paid much attention. For those not obsessed with the comings and goings of the Pyramid Stage you might have missed Ed Sheeran’s closing performance. Epic, as it was (you’d expect nothing less, of course) the thing we want to focus on is his request for the audience to light up the sky with their mobile phones.

The resulting pictures are somewhat impressive – a sea of bright screens, twinkling in the moonlight. Almost romantic, if you want to think of it that way.  However, it got us wondering if we’ve taken the obsession with our mobile devices too far.


Snapchat and Snap maps

Last month Snapchat hit the news, admittedly for the wrong reasons, after updating their map feature.  The changes to the feature meant that users could track other people’s location in real time, essentially creating the ultimate stalker app which has caused people concerns over child protection and privacy.

These Snap Maps plot users on their streets, to the level of accuracy you can see what house they are in, to allow people to see where they are and what they’re doing.


If you are an EE customer and want to check before you go on holiday?

You should be aware now that the “ability to roam like you are home” has come into force in the EU however before you go on holiday it is still worth checking to see what’s covered and what’s not. By clicking on this link you will know?



Roam like you are at home

It’s officially July and if you have children that means one thing: summer holidays are nearly here.  If you’re trapped in to holidaying outside of term time, then the good news is your official get-away countdown can start right about now.  Wimbledon is around the corner and we can almost smell that sun cream.

We all know that getting away at this time of year can be ridiculously expensive.  Mention summer holidays and prices seem to magically double, almost overnight.  If the cost of travel, hotels and “spends” isn’t enough to make you think about re-mortgaging, there’s also the worry about bill shock when it comes to your mobile phone.


Things to do on your phone?

Whether you’re a Diamond Solutions customer (or want to be) chances are you have a Smartphone of some description.  Few of us manage to get through a day without utilising the small computer in our pockets, and they are most definitely a part of everyday life.

But do you know everything there is to know about your phone?  Have you sussed out every little feature and wonderful thing it’s capable of?


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