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Tracking Solutions

Diamond Solutions UK offers a tracking service that can be installed either in a vehicle or on a mobile phone. The location of the object being tracked is usually recorded at regular intervals. This recording can either take place within the GPS receiver unit, or can be transmitted to a central location like a database, where it can be accessed either via mobile technology or over the internet. GPS tracking systems can normally be viewed in real-time and use background maps to display the exact location of an object at any given point.

Companies have long been aware of the benefits and advantages of vehicle tracking technology. They help to drive cost and efficiency, and that has to be beneficial, particularly during times of recession. Vehicle tracking solutions may not always have been as reliable as they could have been, but times have now changed. The latest vehicle tracking technology, like Ctrack’s ‘next generation’ tracking units and peripherals, deliver an array of new features that really can transform a business. Not only will using these units result in cost savings: they will also give companies a much more detailed overview of exactly what’s going on within their business.

What can Ctrack’s ‘next generation’ vehicle trackers do for your business?

Ctrack’s ‘next generation’ vehicle trackers and peripherals can lead to:

  • a reduction in business costs, particularly fuel costs
  • improvements in asset and workforce productivity
  • improved driver behaviour and its impact on fuel usage and vehicle maintenance costs
  • an improved duty of care responsibility by employers
  • a reduction in benefit in kind tax liabilities for employers

How do Ctrack’s vehicle trackers impact on companies?

  • decreased fuel consumption as a result of monitoring driver behaviour and vehicle speeds
  • a reduction in ‘wasted’ journeys: saving fuel, improving productivity and reducing maintenance costs
  • improved productivity: increasing the number of jobs completed each day, thereby increasing profits
  • lower communications costs
  • proof of delivery of work
  • stopping unauthorised vehicle of company vehicles for private journeys
  • accurate timesheet verification, thereby stopping timesheet abuse and reducing overtime costs
  • accurately logs business and private mileage, reducing mileage claims abuse
  • improved customer response times; better customer service and happier customers
  • reduced environmental impact
  • increased vehicle security

  • reduced insurance premiums
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