02 European Roaming Costs

Until recently travelling within the EU on any network has been difficult to understand the costs you will incur for the use of your mobile when abroad with O2 travel hopefully this is now much easier to understand and you shouldn't recive that shock of a big bill.

O2 Travel offers their  customers simplicity, value and transparency. It includes more areas than EU
regulations cover – places that we know are important to their customers.

It’s their default roaming tariff for SMB customers and they can opt out at any time.
Costs are as follows:-

Making calls in Europe
(Calls back to UK & calls in zone)
41p ex VAT per call - the called minutes are then taken from your  UK allowance
Receiving calls in Europe

41p ex VAT per call

Using Data £1.66 ex VAT per day 25MB per day
UK out-of-bundle rate (30ppm) applies for any calls made or received longer than 60 minutes.

Other charges
• Calls back to the UK and within Europe outside of bundled allowance - 30p per minute
• For each call that lasts more than 60 minutes, customers will be charged 30p per minute from the
60th minute onwards. This is charged in per second increments
• Texts sent to the UK and Europe - 7p (free to receive)

O2  Travel is available on the majority of tariffs but we always recommend you speak to us first to confirm as some tariffs are excluded such as domestic call bundles, broadband and ipad only tariffs

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