5G Mobile Technology – It’s Not Just for Christmas

5G Mobile Technology – It’s Not Just for Christmas

Santa Claus May be coming to town, but it looks like 5G won’t be on his sleigh this year.

Super-fast Mobile Streaming Is Just Around the Corner

Extremely fast mobile data connections are currently being trialled all over the world. Manufacturers and providers everywhere are gearing for the latest technology in the mobile sector – 5G networks.

There has been an expectation that the first 5G-ready smartphones might be available next year. But it may be next Christmas before we see 5G running on our business mobile devices here in the North West region.

What’s So Great About 5G?

5G is short for ‘fifth generation mobile networks’. It is set to be far faster than previous generations, such as 3G and 4G. If everything goes to plan, 5G should be able to bring broadband-equivalent download and upload speeds over to your mobile network.

The result would be super fast video, webpage response times and faster communications. Large amounts of data will be able to be handled through the mobile networks, including email, cloud services and a range of new mobile apps.

Unlike 4G, the new 5G speeds could open up new opportunities for mobile data. When it comes to the much talked about Internet of Things, 5G could be a game changer! Driverless cars, for example, will be able to transfer vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently. As long as they have network coverage, that is.

When Will We Get 5G Ready Phones?

Unfortunately, right now, there aren’t any 5G ready mobile phones available in the UK market. But that could change soon. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 was revealed a few days ago and the 5G version is set to be landing until the first quarter of 2019.

When it does come into the market it could be very exciting. Not only might the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 be the first to support 5G, it is also due to come with 10GB of RAM and an innovative all-screen design.

However, it has yet to be confirmed for the UK. We know that there is a plan to release in Europe first, so we are hoping that the UK will be shortly afterwards.

5G Networks

Of course, a 5G-ready device isn’t much good without a network to connect to. Thankfully mobile network providers in the UK are already trialing 5G technology.

The West Midlands is set to get £75 million in public funding to develop and test 5G in the region. Plans here also include the ability to stream CCTV cameras on buses directly to the police, allowing them to respond more quickly to incidents.

O2 are set to run a trial at The O2 Arena where visitors will be able to try out 5G. Demos of virtual and augmented reality, and live streaming applications, are due to be available.

Another trial is running in Bristol. This is to demonstrate futuristic media services, which include a personalised augmented-reality tour of the city.

According to reports, EE has been carrying out a 5G trial in its labs, achieving consistent download speeds of 2.8Gbps. The findings of these experiments and others will be used to ensure networks are 5G-ready by 2020.

5G Christmas Next Year?

Things in the mobile network world tend to move slowly. Shifting to a new network standard requires a lot of changes for a lot of parties. Everyone from phone manufacturers, who make the technology, to the network providers, who make sure it runs smoothly, has to agree on a way that the technology will be delivered.

As things stand, the outlook is promising. But, according to the government’s 5G strategy and statements from network operators, the UK rollout isn’t set to begin until late 2019 or 2020.

For those who were planning a Christmas in 5G it is unlikely that 2019 will be your year. Networks will start to roll out 5G this year, but we might not see widespread 5G coverage in the UK until 2022 or later.

Who is Ahead of the Game?

If you want 5G it’s worth keeping an eye on a few of the providers. For example, EE said in February 2018 that 5G was just 18 months away, meaning a live UK network could exist in EE from late 2019.

Whether we’ll actually see full coverage of 5G in time for Christmas 2019 is another matter entirely.

It’s likely that we’ll have the 5G-ready devices a while before network providers are ready to actually roll out widespread coverage. So it may be some time before you actually connect to a 5G network in the real world.

Diamond Solutions will keep you informed

We’ll stay on top of the 5G rollout in the coming year. As soon as we have more news, we’ll let you know. And if you want your business to be the first with 5G technology, get in touch and we will make sure you get first bite at the cherry.

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