We received a call from Mrs Claus

Earlier this month we got a phone call from a lovely lady called Mrs. Claus.  She was quite distressed and explained her husband, who was self-employed, was having difficulty getting hold of his staff.  At first we thought this might be more of a HR issue; however, it soon became apparent it wasn’t.

You see, Mr. Claus had a number of different workshops spread out over a large area.  In each workshop he had hundreds of Elves working in different departments, each with their own dedicated telephone line.

Every day Mr. Claus had to have a meeting with the Head Elf in each department, but this was taking a ridiculous amount of time, and was causing him to lose weight through stress.  She broke down in tears when speaking to Carolyn, and explained she’d already taken his suit in twice around the waist, and couldn’t risk him dropping any more pounds.

It was clear that something had to be done, and had to be done fast.  Thankfully, as always, Diamond Solutions were on hand to save Santa’s sanity.

We arranged to have our VOIP handsets installed in every department, offering each of them a dedicated extension number, so it was easy for Mr. Claus and anyone else to get hold of them.  At first Mrs. Claus was concerned about the cost of making these phone calls, but we explained VOIP to VOIP (on the same account) is completely free.  Her Elves could talk to each other all day on the phone, and it wouldn’t cost a chocolate coin.  We agreed not to tell them that though, apparently Elves like a natter.

Another great bonus was that, after a little bit of training, Mr. Claus was able to set up conference calls, where he could talk to each Head Elf at once, and get an update on every production line.  As with all VOIP phones, he was able to plug it in anywhere with an internet connection, so could remain fully mobile, or without getting out of bed!

With only a few more sleeps to go until Mr. Claus’ busiest night of the year we have today received news that all is well.  His weight is back to normal and his eyes are all a-sparkle again.

We don’t want to say we saved Christmas, but you know what, we might just have.

From all the team at Diamond Solutions we’d like to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Merry Chanukah.

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