The Advantages of Non Geographical Numbers

Every type of Non Geographical Number (GNG) offers UK businesses different advantages. By choosing the right number, you can increase sales and offer your customers excellent service through a more direct and efficient approach. Here’s just a few of the advantages in store:

More Sales

Using a freephone number has been shown to dramatically increase the number of calls you receive, so using these numbers for leads is a great advantage, both to you and your potential new clients. By using a free phone NGN you can generate more calls from potential clients and existing customers.


Good PR

A small business wanting to expand a UK wide non-geographical number can help offer national exposure. Always good for a growing company.

Going International

Using international freephone numbers will also look attract to new overseas business. And there’s always teleconferencing options available.

Decent Call Charges

Your customers will pay the same amount to call, wherever they are in the country because NGN’s are not attached to a particular geographic area. This is a way to stimulate UK wide sales and develop your national customer base.

Cheaper Operations

An NGN offers a business with multiple sites a one-stop shop. Customers call one number and divert to different UK locations. This allows the opportunity to maximise resources by optimising this to change depending on the time of day.

Get Ahead of the Competition

If your NGN is cheaper than your competitors then that makes good business sense.
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