Are you addicted?

Here at Diamond Solutions we love our phones.  It doesn’t matter what phones we have, we just love them, and we wouldn’t be without them.

We got to talking in the office about the difference between healthy usage of a mobile device and overreliance, bordering on obsession.

Here are the top five signs we came up with to show if someone is addicted to their phone or not.  How many do you recognise?

# 1 – Your hand is empty without it

You’re not using it and you’re not expecting a call, you have a bag or pocket to keep it in, or even a special cradle for it on your desk, but still, inexplicably you find yourself holding your phone.  Well, you know, just in case.

# 2 – You do the “I can’t touch it” panic

You reach for your phone, and it’s not there.  You start to pat around, is it in your bag?  Surely it’s in your pocket?  No, it’s not there.  ARGH, someone’s stolen it!  All my contacts are gone.  What will happen to my Snapchat?


It’s just there.

# 3 – You take it to the bathroom with you

It doesn’t matter what your bathroom plans are, or how long you’re likely to be, that phone is not leaving your side.  You might well be taking risks with its life span (apparently 47% of all phones that have had a water based accident had actually been dropped down the toilet), but you don’t care.  Those extra few minutes of checking your Facebook are precious, and you are not going to waste them.

# 4 – It’s the first thing you see in the morning

Yes, you have a spouse or significant other.  You might even have children. However, the first thing you see every morning is your phone’s screen saver as you religiously check for any updates you might have missed throughout the night.

# 5 – You are a scroller

One minute you’re checking your phone for updates (despite all your apps having notifications) and the next thing you know you’re scrolling.  You don’t know what for, it’s just an automatic response.  Five minutes later you look up and realise it’s actually been three hours and you have no idea what you’re doing with your life.

These are our top signs you may be a little addicted, but why not head over to our Facebook page and let us know what your tell-tale signs are?

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