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August Educational Apps

The summer holidays are a perfect opportunity for kids (and sometimes parents) to unwind.  However, a debate the rages in many households over these six weeks is how much homework children should be doing. It’s undoubtedly a contentious issue – and one that’s not likely to be resolved any time soon. Many parents believe children…
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Mobile phones and crime

We probably shouldn’t laugh (although, it is funny and therefore hard not to), but last month a burglar was jailed after he left his mobile phone at the scene of the crime. Leon Jacques, 29 from Chesterfield was sentenced to 39 months after dropping his mobile phone in a widower’s bedroom, as he made off…
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Customer Service Problems

It’s hard-pressed to argue that the mobile industry is at the forefront of innovation. With 5G around the corner (depending who you speak to) we are going to have an increasing reliance on our mobile devices and applications. For many, it’s an exciting sector to work in, and one that offers many challenges.  Personally, we…
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Telecom Timelines

In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patented the first phone (though, the first phone call wasn’t made until 1878). To celebrate an amazing 141 years, we thought we’d have a quick look over how the telecommunications industry has changed. In 1946 the first mobile phones were introduced.  These were actually car-based, weighed in at 80lbs, and…
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