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Facebook Rocket Symbol

Chances are you won’t have seen the new Facebook rocket symbol that is appearing on some people’s menus, as it is only being rolled out to a few users.  However, you might have heard that those who have had the icon mysteriously appear on their iOS and Android devices are feeling a little confused. Facebook…
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Phones and attention spans

Did you know that of all the people that read the headline for this article, only 20% will bother to read the actual content?  The fact that you are here already makes you one of the dedicated elite. However, there’s every chance you won’t actually make it to the end of this article.  Thanks to…
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Wi-Fi at Airports

It might seem a way off still, but now we have had Shrove Tuesday it won’t be that long before Easter is here.  In fact, you’ve probably noticed the supermarkets already showcasing their range of chocolate eggs and matching novelty egg cups to mark the occasion. While the youngsters may be excited by the impending…
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Are you addicted?

Here at Diamond Solutions we love our phones.  It doesn’t matter what phones we have, we just love them, and we wouldn’t be without them. We got to talking in the office about the difference between healthy usage of a mobile device and overreliance, bordering on obsession. Here are the top five signs we came…
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