The Business Benefits of Leased Lines Internet Connections

The Business Benefits of Leased Lines Connection

Leased lines are becoming more popular with business of all sizes. We look at 3 simple reasons why a leased line broadband connection is the ideal solution for business connectivity.

Leased Lines for Business

Traditionally, leased lines were thought of as only being suitable for a large organisation. But more and more businesses of all sizes are beginning to see the benefits of a leased line connection.

Almost every organisation now makes use of cloud computing technology in their day-to-day business activity. Whether it’s Office 365 or Google Apps, SaS CRM systems, SAGE, etc. etc. businesses rely on a consistent broadband connection to manage their internal processes and deliver for their customers.

But using these tools requires data – and that means that in today’s business environment, data needs are higher than ever before.

What Are Your Business Data Needs?

Leased lines offer the best options for business when it comes to data, and particularly for businesses who need a consistent data connection.

Additionally, leased lines aren’t just ideal for your business internet connection. Everything from phone calls, VoIP, and any kind of data transfer your company has can be handled more quickly and more efficiently through a leased line connection.

business benefits of leased lines internet connectionHere are 3 simple reasons why leased lines deliver better returns for business than traditional broadband.

  1. Consistently High Speed

We are all used to broadband speeds dropping off at home. When the kids are streaming YouTube or gaming online and all you want to do is relax with the latest episodes of your favourite Netflix show, it’s incredibly frustrating when your domestic broadband service can’t cope with the strain. The buffering wheel is nobody’s friend!

The problem, though, isn’t related simply to your connection or the hardware in your home. Domestic broadband speed is affected by the number of people using the line. Any one domestic line can actually be serving dozens of households. Which means that at certain peak times there could be lots of people all vying for the bandwidth. The result is that at those times you receive a much slower internet connection.

Generally speaking, in domestic situations and very small offices, we manage to “make do” even though it can be very frustrating - especially in the middle of the latest episode of The Walking Dead!

When it comes to slightly larger businesses and organisations, a drop off in bandwidth at any time is more than just a frustration – it can end up costing you money.

With a dedicated leased line, you are the only user on the connection, which means that your internet and data speeds do not slow down even at peak times. Additionally, leased lines are symmetric, so these speeds can be achieved both up and down.

This offers a huge benefit for internet access, video conferencing, file sharing, networks and VoIP systems.

  1. Increased Reliability

Any internet downtime can be highly detrimental to your business. Losing an online connection for just a few minutes can result in customer service issues or significant revenue loss.

Fibre leased line connections are much more reliable than domestic broadband connections. Leased lines use fibre optic technology which isn’t prone to the same electrical interference that can affect the traditional copper wires.

Fibre optics are also physically stronger and are able to transmit more data at a quicker rate.

By using a leased line, your business can benefit from the most reliable type of internet connection available. Leased lines have higher-grade hardware, which reduces failure rates and also come with better SLAs than domestic broadband connections, meaning your connection does go down, it can be fixed much more quickly, further reducing the risk to your business.

  1. Enhanced Security

Data security is (and should be) at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. Recent hacks and cyber-attacks have pinpointed the security weaknesses that exist in businesses and organisations.

Data is a commodity, and has value, which means that the loss of data is a significant risk to your organisation.

Leased Lines offer a much higher level of security than alternative broadband options. This is because a business leased line is designed specifically for the use of only your business, so the data connections occurs only between different points that are controlled by you.

This offers an enhanced security feature, as you aren’t sharing information on a public network which is easily hacked. This makes leased lines ideal for businesses, as important confidential information is stored in a very secure place.

business benefits of leased lines internet

Leased Lines - The Right Choice for Your Business

Leased Lines offer the fastest speeds available to businesses today. When your business needs the speed and reliability of a fibre leased line it’s important to choose a provider who will deliver the best speed and reliability, as well as a personal service and technical expertise.

At Diamond Solutions we are experts in finding the right connectivity solutions for business. Whether you’re looking for site-to-site connectivity or a dedicated route to the internet for guaranteed performance and reliability, DSUK can provide the best Leased Lines options for your business.

With the Government soon to be expanding the £67m UK Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, businesses in the North West will soon be able to claim a discount voucher of up to £3,000 against the cost of a superfast internet connection.

Click here to find out how DSUK can help your business benefit from the scheme.

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