A game-changer for businesses: 5G has arrived

As Vodafone and other networks launch their 5G network, just how much will it change things for your business? With each generation of mobile phone comes a shift towards innovation, from the first generation, which brought us communication on the go, to third generation (3G) cameras and basic video calling. Another thrust forward in technological…
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Want a wireless charger for your Samsung device?

We're selling them with a £30 saving versus the price on Samsung's website! Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger with Fast Charge The Convertible Wireless Charger is a statement piece. Its minimalist, matte silicone design comes in two muted colours that look striking on any desktop, so you'll be happy to keep it out on display. Call…
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5G Is coming! But what is 5G and when will we get it?

5G Is coming! But what is 5G and when will we get it? 5G technology is the next big update for the UK mobile industry. But what is 5G and how will it make a difference to business communications over the coming years? Five Generations of Mobile Technology 5G stands for “fifth generation”. The first…
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