The how why and where of mobile phones

Most people assume when it comes to a mobile phone they know what they’re doing. More importantly, if they don’t, they can just pop in to the local store of their choice for expert advice and tips. However, that’s not entirely the case.  Or at least not all the time. Network providers do often have…
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Mobile phones and concerts

No one is likely to have failed to notice that Glastonbury was last month; however, you might not have paid much attention. For those not obsessed with the comings and goings of the Pyramid Stage you might have missed Ed Sheeran’s closing performance. Epic, as it was (you’d expect nothing less, of course) the thing…
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Snapchat and Snap maps

Last month Snapchat hit the news, admittedly for the wrong reasons, after updating their map feature.  The changes to the feature meant that users could track other people’s location in real time, essentially creating the ultimate stalker app which has caused people concerns over child protection and privacy. These Snap Maps plot users on their…
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