Wireless Leased Lines

Wireless Leased Lines

Delivering guaranteed internet speed wirelessly into your office.

Wireless leased line internet is designed for companies who depend on having a fully functional guaranteed speed broadband connection. If your business broadband is relying on third party owned, decaying copper cables, then a wireless leased line from DSUK is the solution.

Through a range of suppliers we offer wireless leased lines. Wireless leased line internet is your own dedicated wireless Internet line that guarantees that the connection speed you pay for, is the speed you get. It removes all reliance on unreliable cables and the third parties that manage them and gives you guaranteed service. With wireless leased lines, massive amounts of data can be transferred quickly and efficiently, with an ultra reliable connection level of 99.5%.

Talk to us about a wireless leased line to give you the peace of mind of superfast broadband no matter your office location.

Why Us?

  • Guranteed Low Prices
  • Selection of Budget and Premium Numbers
  • Low Startup Costs
  • Annual or Monthly Contracts

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