Business RPI and Discretionary Line Rental increase March 2017

Business RPI and Discretionary Line Rental increase March 2017

On 29 March 2017, EE is increasing the price of contracts in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI), a measure of the increase in prices for consumers on average across the country over the last 12 months.

The latest rate of RPI was released on Tuesday 17 January and we can confirm that it is 2.5%.

Who does this affect?

Small Business customers who joined, renewed or upgraded after 26 March 2014 agreed to a line rental increase each March as part of their terms and conditions. These customers will see an increase from 29 March 2017, in line with the annual Retail Price Index (RPI) increase published by the Office for National Statistics, as specified in EE's clause 7.4 of terms (or clause 7.1.4 if an EE customer joined or upgraded with EE before 11 November 2015/ 7.1.4 T-Mobile / 6.1.5 (Orange) of  terms and conditions.)This specifically impacts customers on the following plans:

  • Small Business pay monthly EE, Orange or T-Mobile phone plans
  • Small Business 4GEE Wifi and Orange or T-Mobile Mobile Broadband plans
  • Corporate customers on a Small Business or Consumer plan


Customers joining from 25th January 2017 will not see a price increase during 2017. The first effective increase they can expect to see will be in March 2018.

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