How can Voip help when its snowing?

If you spent any time on social media during the early part of last week you will no doubt have seen countless posts predicting that “winter is coming” and it was bringing a whole heap of snow with it.  Given the sights seen by many of our European neighbours it’s easy to understand why some people were beginning to panic.

A few days later it had all blown over and, in Bury at least, we are pleased to say we all survived the little bit of slush we were left with.  However, it could have been much worse, and true enough, there’s still plenty of time for it to really challenge us yet.

Talking (and moaning) about the weather goes hand in hand with Britishness, alongside cups of tea and fish and chips; however, our inability to cope with the thought of snow, let alone the realities, does make us a bit of a laughing stock.  What is it about a little flurry of snowflakes that causes us to commence a “buy all the things” shopping spree and baton down the hatches?

It would appear the biggest issue, as always, is cost.  We are fortunate here to not see extremes of temperature very often, but as a result, when it comes, we are often caught off guard.  Not because we don’t see it coming, but because being prepared for all eventualities costs money.  It’s all very well and good saying we need to double the number of gritting trucks operating in the country, but where does the money come from?  Equally, grit is very bulky and to date, no one has offered free storage solutions to house it all for that blizzard that might be a blizzard but actually, might not.

If we can’t be properly prepared then we can’t tackle potential problems head on.  This is one of the main reasons so many roads come to a literal standstill during extreme cold snaps and the journey to work takes three days! While you are very much in the hands of your local Council as to how well the transport infrastructure is likely to run at these times, there are things you can do to ensure your business is prepped for the worst.

For those who run businesses that don’t require a physical presence, it is entirely possible for you to set up your office from anywhere.  All you need is the right equipment.  One such example is a VoIP phone system. These systems allow you to use the internet to make and receive calls. Not only can it be a lot cheaper and faster than traditional landlines, but it is also a huge asset in the case of a snow storm.

The added bonus of VoIP is that it can be plugged in anywhere there is an internet connection. If you know it’s likely to snow tomorrow, and it’s going to be near on impossible to get in to the office, simply pack up your phone and take it home. Plug it in when you get there and no one would ever know the difference. If your staff also have their phones you will still be able to communicate with each other (usually for free via internal calls), and you will have access to the same information you have whilst you are in the office.

With VoIP, it really can be business as usual.  Why not give us a call today to find out more?  We are always happy to help.

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