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Dual Sim for iPhone – It’s here

Dual Sim for iPhone - It's here EE’s the UK’s first network to give our customers two numbers on one phone with the launch of Dual SIM. It’s launching on the new iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. With Dual SIM capability on these devices, customers can have two numbers / sim cards on a single…
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Texting and driving

You may recall that earlier this year we wrote a blog about the new driving laws that came in to effect on 1st March, which saw tougher penalties for those caught using their mobile devices whilst behind the wheel. According to information published at the end of May, it would appear these harsher sanctions are…
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Phone addication

Life is full of distractions, but it may well be true that nothing causes us to waste so much time or encourages procrastination quite like the mobile phone.  Whilst they are there to make our lives easier, automating many activities, and ensuring we have a whole host of information at our finger tips, it also…
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