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Nokia 3310

It might not necessarily have made it on to your calendar, but the Mobile World Congress is taking place in Barcelona on 28th February.  As it’s also Shrove Tuesday, there’s every chance you’ve already got plans with a frying pan and a squeezy lemon; however, don’t feel disheartened. We can tell you everything you need…
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Blackberry the end as we know it?

Those with good memories, or a particular interest in this sort of thing, will recall that about this time last year Blackberry announced it wanted to sell 5 million phones, otherwise it “may” quit the business altogether.  Of course “may” is a decidedly vague term in business speak; however, profitability has been elusive for many…
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What are your end of mobile phone contract options?

Remember when you got your new phone?  The thrill of that new technology, the nice smooth screen, the endless list of ring-tones to trawl through?  Well as you approach the end of your contract it’s fair to say that technology has moved on, the screen’s seen better days and those ring-tones are nothing but a…
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