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What is the Best Business Mobile Phone for your Company

Finding the best mobile phone option for your business isn’t as simple as choosing the cheapest handset. To get the right choice, it’s important to look at a range of different angles to see what will work best in your individual business setting. You will need to consider how each mobile phone will be used,…
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Things to do on your phone?

Whether you’re a Diamond Solutions customer (or want to be) chances are you have a Smartphone of some description.  Few of us manage to get through a day without utilising the small computer in our pockets, and they are most definitely a part of everyday life. But do you know everything there is to know…
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Working smart are you?

  With the start of a new tax year many business owners are busy thinking about how to earn more and spend less over the next 12 months.  No matter what financial health your company is currently in, few of us would shun the opportunity to do better. How then can you give your balance…
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