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Ctrack Plug and Play Tracking Device

Anyone need a self-installed fleet tracking device for light commercial vehicles? Look no further. Plug & Play connects to the OBD II diagnostic port to capture data that not gives a simple way of monitoring and protecting against misuse, while also enabling companies to ensure their vehicles are being driven responsibly. (more…)
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Ctrack: vehicle tracking supports Royal Mail's mission to become the UK’s lowest-cost postal operator

In its efforts to become the UK’s lowest-cost postal operator, Royal Mail implemented a vehicle and driver management strategy to improve road safety, drive down fuel consumption and maximise fleet efficiency. Vehicle tracking, using Ctrack’s class-leading vehicle tracking technology, was an essential element of its strategy to better manage mobile resources and employees within its…
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Ctrack’s vehicle tracking helps Sefton Council achieve efficiencies: could it do the same for your business?

Sefton Council is responsible for providing a variety of services to its local community. One of the most valuable services it provides is refuse collection. The council provides this service to 123,000 properties within North Meryseyside, including the main population centres of Bottle, Crosby, Formby, Maghull and Southport. However, like many other authorities, Sefton Council…
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