Changes to 02 Travel

Calls in Europe

You'll no longer use your UK minutes when you make calls between countries in Europe on O2 Travel. You'll pay just 41p to make or receive a call and then it's free to talk for up to 60 minutes. After 60 minutes standard UK out of bundle rates apply.

Data in Europe

Your Daily Data Allowance will be changing to 15MB for £1.66/day. That's enough to visit around 200 standard websites, send up to 30 emails with photos attached or hundreds without attachments; it's also more than the average person's usage when in the UK.

When using data in Europe you'll be sent text notifications keeping you up to date with what you're using. You can add more data to your O2 travel allowance at any point during the day. If you need more data you'll be able to reset your allowance for a further £1.66 by texting 'moredata' to 23336 which will give you an additional 15MB, these texts cost 7p.

Texts in Europe

Just like in the UK, it's always free to receive text messages when you're travelling abroad.

Sending a text from Europe costs 7p.

You can opt out

If you the customer doesn't want O2 Travel, then you  can choose to opt out and you will then be charged the standards rates.

The O2 Standard rates in Europe are:

  • Calls back to the UK and within Europe 23.33p per minute
  • Receiving calls in Europe 5.83p per minute
  • Texts sent to the UK and Europe - 7p and free to receive
  • Data is 58p / MB.

All prices are ex VAT.

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