Business Connectivity – what's available – just ask!!

Superfast networks enable us to connect our customer's business locations with the digital world
Having internet access and staying connect are essential requirements for modern businesses. Downtime is simply not an option and pressure on networks is constantly increasing. In the new digital world of business, where cloud-based technologies are becoming more common, high-bandwidth, scalable connectivity solutions are required to work more efficiently and productively.

What connectivity packages are available?

- offers a cost effective way to improve our customers' connectivity, with faster speeds, SDSL,
leased line and low-end Ethernet.
- an easy access, cost effective solution, perfect for web access and emails. The service is provided via
the same network that carries analogue telephone calls.
- With FTTC & FTTP, fibre optic cables replace the copper wires for part of the journey. Fibre delivered
services are much faster than ADSL connections, and carry much more data.
– Ethernet connectivity is a dedicated connection that is delivered direct to a business,
offering security, reliability and a dedicated bandwidth,with guaranteed symmetrical speeds and service
– Links together offices, data centres, disaster recovery sites and home / remote / mobile workers, for
improved quality of communications between sites. It is a single voice solution across all business locations and provides increased opportunity to utilise Cloud based applications.

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