Ctrack Online Vehicle Tracking

In the economic climate we live in, companies need to monitor every penny spent. Expenses have been a way many employees managed to squeeze extra income into their monthly pay cheques.

Yet, those on the road have also caused extra expense through speeding and traffic offenses as well as poor management of logistics when planning their weekly calls. Investing in Ctrack Online Vehicle Tracking can help record critical information, especially van and commercial vehicle operators.

Why Ctrack?

  • Ctrack assists businesses improve operational performance and shrink costs.
  • Ctrack cuts timesheet inaccuracies validating overtime claims.
  • Ctrack monitors journey planning with route adherence reports and alerts
  • Ctrack ensures the evidence for increasing customer demand for proof of delivery or service and supports pro-active customer services.
  • Ctrack increases communication whilst keeping overheads to a minimum.
  • Ctrack Supports Health & Safety legislation and Benefit in Kind tax compliance.

By using Vehicle tracking fleet operators are accomplishing measurable cost efficiencies with significant reductions in fuel usage (8.6%), overtime claims (15.3%) and communications overheads (13.3%). Businesses are working to reduce fuel costs and are under pressure to reduce operational overheads, these are one of the key targets for a large number of fleet operators, with many using vehicle tracking to help overcome these issues.

Ctrack work in partnership with leading global telematics providers, Diamond Solutions UK Ltd is one of the North West’s leading telecommunication solutions companies. This provides customers with the peace of mind that comes with partnering with a leading global telematics provider, whilst receiving a local service and support.

This tracking system has been designed to be simple-to-use, to enable businesses to manage their fleet operation in a more structured and comprehensive manner by knowing the exact location and status of employees and vehicles in real-time. Ctrack Online is a web-based vehicle tracking solution that provides prominence and control over mobile assets. It is suitable for all cars, vans, coaches, LGVs / HGVs and commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes. Once installed it will provide immediate operational benefits and financial returns.

As a business owner,you have the opportunity to monitor individual or multiple vehicles using google mapping in either map, terrain or satellite views. You can also access live traffic flow information and journey directions; view live vehicle locations on high-quality mapping, full postcode search and zoom down to street level.

As stated by Ctrack you can also use:-

  • Preferred and Waypoint Geo Zones to trigger alerts to a mobile phone regarding unauthorised vehicle movements into or out of predefined regions.
  • Add unique sites, locations and points of interest to view via the mapping tool and personalise vehicle activity reports.
  • Access historical data via a suite of more than 25 individual reports for useful, simple-to-use operational, performance and management information.
  • Automate administrative processes using clear and concise reports that collate accurate data such as fuel usage, time sheets and private mileage.
  • Use the intelligent dashboard to view a top level overview of key performance areas – safety, security, productivity, driver behaviour and green driving – and drill down to the level of detail required.
  • Identify the nearest vehicles to a job and even select the appropriate employee based on required skill set.
    Analyse trip replays with multiple vehicle comparison to identify job allocation issues and areas of improvement to increase jobs per week and maintain customer service.
  • Allocate and dispatch new tasks to relevant employees, automatically navigate them to the job and get instant status updates from the driver via the integrated Ctrack cCom in-vehicle console.
  • Access anytime, anywhere via an Internet-enabled device.

Due to our partnership with Ctrack we are able to support you in investing in your tracking system, No training or specialist expertise required, No software installations or downloads needed, so benefit from a truly zero footprint tracking solution by contacting Diamond solutions on Telephone: +44 (0)8444 11 55 66 Fax: +44 (0)844 499 0488.

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