Facebook Rocket Symbol

Chances are you won’t have seen the new Facebook rocket symbol that is appearing on some people’s menus, as it is only being rolled out to a few users.  However, you might have heard that those who have had the icon mysteriously appear on their iOS and Android devices are feeling a little confused.

Facebook are in the process of tentatively trialing a change to their news feed algorithm which will allow users to access a whole new range of content they “might” be interested in.

Currently the information you receive from friends, companies and industry leaders are fed directly to your feed based on the pages you have subscribed to, or your friends interact with. However, Facebook has apparently had requests from users who wish to find an easier way to explore content and companies they have not yet engaged with.

Arguably it can be a good idea to have a sub-set of your newsfeed that provides you with suggestions based on what you have interacted with in the past.  For those who are hungry for alternatives this is a great way to get a new info hit; however, it has left some feeling concerned they are purely going to be bombarded with adverts from companies they have never subscribed to.

Of course, this is precisely what the trial is there for – to help Facebook ascertain the right balance, and to ensure people aren’t left feeling overwhelmed. In turn, it will allow them to tweak their algorithms to ensure the right weighting is being ascribed to different interactions.

Already there have been substantial changes to the way we can interact with content, gone is the simply “like” button, and instead it has been replaced by a range of emojis.  A “heart” or “laugh” is worth significantly more than a generic “like”, which means content from people who you have “loved” in the past will feature more prominently for you.

If this does get rolled out to a wider audience, then it is only a matter of time before businesses will be able to pay for additional advertising exposure to tap in to everyone’s Rocket-Feed.

Are you one of the few with the new icon?  If so, pop over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think about it.  Did you notice it, how did you find out what it did and what sort of content are you being sent?

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