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Faster Britain are designing, building, and operating ultrafast networks, driven by contemporary business requirements.

The business world is evolving. Technology is at the heart of this evolution and the driving force is gigabit capable, full fibre connectivity.

As the Government promises 100% Gigabit capability by 2025, we are playing a key role in this vision with the rollout of our Faster Britain network across the UK.

A Faster Britain-enabled area will provide full fibre and access to ultrafast connectivity, supporting cloud-enabled and future proof technologies.

Our team has nearly two decades of experience in the design, delivery and operation of connectivity solutions, and now we’re working with businesses in your area, providing access to heightened speeds.


  • Network: We are designing, building and operating ultrafast networks, driven by partner and business requirements.
  • Experts: We have some of the best minds in the industry cooperating, innovating and bringing fibre to under-served areas across the UK.
  • Collaborate: We work with businesses, local authorities and partners to extend our Faster Britain network by utilising existing infrastructure.
  • Speed: We have a track record of connecting businesses to our networks in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors.
  • Environment: Nobody likes disruption, that’s why we minimize our impact on the environment and lead on reuse wherever possible

Areas in the UK are becoming part of a Faster Britain.

Curious to know more?

Did you know large areas of the UK remain without access to superfast connectivity? As part of our Faster Britain rollout, we are working with the local authority to provide superfast connectivity to businesses across the area.

Of course, we’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during the process, however, through our approach to not digging unnecessary holes in the ground, we’re keeping our impact to a minimum.

We are utililsing existing infrastructure in yourarea and are rolling out connectivity speeds of up to 10Gbps.

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