Fax to email

Fax to e mail?

At only £3 a month for a 12 month contract.

Many companies still have a fax machine but his allows you to send and receive faxes as e-mail attachments.

So what’s the benefits?

  • No paper wasting on unwanted faxes.
  • Save on toner or ink cartridges.
  • 24 hour ready to receive faxes.
  • No lightning damage to online equipment.
  • No expensive fax machines.
  • Receive all your faxes in your Inbox.
  • Send faxes via your mail client.
  • You can forward faxes on to a number of recipients quickly and efficiently.
  • No waiting in a queue!!
  • You can print selected pages off an attachment,not the entire document.
  • No paper used, so more environmentally friendly.
  • Higher quality documents received.

Far better solution for business!

Diamond Solutions UK have all your business solutions on Telephone: +44 (0)8444 11 55 66 Fax: +44 (0)844 499 0488.

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