Festival must have list!!

Whether it’s Glastonbury, the Isle of Wight, or Tea in the Park, what would the summer be without a festival (or eight)? Everyone has their own favourite music, but the atmosphere and the spectacle form part of many a “must-do” for the summer.

So, if you’re heading off to one of the many summer festivals, what are the things you shouldn’t leave home without?

Tickets and Passes

It should go without saying but those tickets and passes are your lifeline, and once you get to the gates, if you haven’t got them you won’t be getting in anywhere.

Nobody wants to see you crying outside the main gates, so have those tickets at the top of your bag and check them throughout your journey! Of course, it may be that you have e-tickets (always think of the environment) in which case, make sure you have your phone/other devices and they are fully charged so you can access the information you need!

Weather Protection

In the UK festivals generally equal rain (and mud). In fact, if we ever wanted to be assured of rain we could just have Glastonbury every weekend. As much as you’ll be enjoying yourself, there’s nothing worse than being wet and having no way of drying out, so weather preparation is a must.

Umbrellas are generally frowned upon, especially if you’re in the crowd watching a band. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a water proof jacket or poncho for protection. In equal measure, the last thing you want is a dose of sunburn so make sure you bring a big hat and slap on some factor 30 the second the sun pops through the clouds.


Even Kate Moss knows you can’t get through a festival without a pair of wellies.

Tent and Sleeping Gear

You may be planning on staying awake the whole time so as not to miss a single second of your festival experience, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a base. Whether you buy the cheapest tent in history as a fancy little house for your rucksack or you make Bear Grylls look like an amateur by having the best and biggest tent in history, don’t enter the field without something.

Toilet Roll

Portaloos have come a long way in the last few years but sadly the toilet roll still runs out before the first performer has arrived on stage. Therefore, whether you’re a fan of Andrex or baby wipes, it’s best to have them along for the journey. Your bottom will thank you for it.


Because you never know...

Clothes and Toiletries

Whatever the weather might be up to, the chances are you’ll get muddy, sweaty and dirty so a change of clothes and underwear for every day you’re there is essential. In addition, deodorant, dry shampoo, moisturising cream (for sunburn), plasters and pain killers should always be part of your essential packing list.


The food at festivals has also come a long way. From the burger van where you’d pay £8 for disappointment and poor hygiene, you can now get a huge range of fresh and organic food.

However, you’ll still more than likely pay well over the odds for whatever you buy so coming equipped with a stove or barbeque and some food items means saving money and (best of all) saving on your queuing time.

Mobile Phone

For safety (so you can find your friends), for posterity (so you can take lots of pictures and videos) or for winning a bet (so you can check on Wikipedia that that singer used to be in that band), it’s not possible to do the festival circuit without your trusty phone – so don’t!

Power Banks

The problem with many phones is that they do so much and have so many functions that their battery power is severely limited as a result. For this reason, a power bank should also be on your essential festival list. As well as giving you the capacity to charge your phone when you’re out and about, the power bank is neat and compact, giving you plenty of room for the other items on your list.


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