When FREE can add value to your business

All month we have been talking about how ghost numbers can help you to advertise in areas you are not based, and what this could potentially do for your business (and more importantly your revenue).

However, it is fair to say that not everyone is concerned about what their geographical number says about them, or even the potential impact it could have on them in terms of where their customers think they are based.  For many, it is something they probably have never thought about (though we hope our blogs have given you something to mull over).

There is of course an alternative to a geographical number – and that is the relatively new 03 or even the free 0800 numbers that many businesses choose to use.

03 Marketing Numbers

Once upon a time we had the 0845 number which, to all intents and purposes, was a local number no matter where in the country you were calling from.  The benefit of this number was that it didn’t matter where the business in question was based, or where you as a potential customer were based either.

It gave the impression that the company would be able to assist you no matter what, otherwise surely they would have selected a geographical number instead?  Not only that, but the fact that the number was regarded as local meant that regardless of that location, the call itself was not going to cost you a fortune.

While 0845 still exists, there is an infinitely better option as far as your callers are concerned, and that is the 03 number.  This number allows people to call you, regardless of their location within the country, for the price of a local call, even if they are calling from a mobile.  Given that the vast majority of us now use mobile phones to make and receive calls than landlines, you can no doubt see the immediate benefit of this approach.

0800 Numbers

Calls placed to 0800 numbers are free for the person making the call.  The charge of the connection and duration of the call are covered by the person who owns the telephone number.

Many helplines and larger organisations like to offer this to their customers, and it is a good idea.  If someone has a complaint or a query with regards to an order or service they have received, it can be frustrating enough being on hold for 10 minutes, but knowing you have to pay for that privilege can add serious insult to injury.

However, 0800 numbers are not just for the larger businesses.  Any size firm can get an 0800 number to serve as a benefit to their callers.  It can create the impression of size, and does not need to cost a fortune.


If you want to find out more about the various options you have when it comes to picking your landline number, speak to the team at Diamond Solutions today.  We are always happy to help and will offer advice on what may be the best option for you and your business.


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