G.Fast Ultra Fast Broadband Extending to 59 More UK Areas

Ultra fast broadband will soon be available to many more North West business as G.Fast roll out extends to Manchester regions.

G.Fast Broadband Service

Last year, BT Openreach launched a pilot to bring ultrafast broadband to homes and business in 46 regions across the UK.

Now that the pilot is coming to an end, Openreach has announced that in the coming months a further 59 locations will benefit from the hybrid, fibre G.Fast service. Including several regions in and around the North West.

The aim for Openreach is to cover 10 million homes and businesses by the end of 2020. Providing the fastest speeds seen in the UK, of up to 330 Mbs.

Several new locations around the country were announced to be next in line for the G.Fast last month along with notable in the North West and Manchester, including Didsbury, which will join existing G.Fast locations through Manchester East, Chorlton, Rusholme and Longsight, as well as Rochdale and Bolton regions of Heaton and Longstock.

As a result, thousands more homes and businesses in the Greater Manchester region can now get some of the fastest broadband speeds in the country, greatly increasing local business’s digital capabilities.

Kim Mears, Openreach Managing Director for infrastructure delivery, said:
“The UK is ahead of its major European neighbours when it comes to superfast broadband but technology never stands still – that’s why we’re building on our existing fibre network and leading the way in deploying ultrafast speeds. We need to stay ahead in order to meet the evolving needs of our customers. G.fast will allow us to do that by building on the investment we have made in fibre to date. It will transform the UK broadband landscape from superfast to ultrafast, and it will reach the largest number of people in the quickest possible time.”

What is G.Fast Broadband?

G.fast technology changes the way today’s broadbandis transmitted, delivering ultrafast speeds that have previously required fibre to be run all the way to the premises (FTTP).

Working in a similar way to VDSL2, G.Fast makes use of Fibre-to-the-cabinet-technology(FTTC), where a fibre optic cable runs to your local PCP street cabinet. The G.Fast extension pod then allows homes and businesses to be reached through the existing copper cables.

This means that broadband speeds remain significantly highe, at levels close to 330 Mbs for the best quality lines. An additional benefit is also a better stability in terms of latency, allowing businesses to maintain high bandwidth throughout any data transfer.

What are the Business Benefits of G.Fast

Businesses in the new G.Fast regions will see a huge range of business advantages, allowing them to make use of super fast connections with consistently high speed. 

The mass of new apps and business services many businesses rely on, including data sharing, internet access, video conferencing, file sharing, networks and VoIP systems, all demand a higher quality broadband connection.

Additionally, G.Fast offers greater reliability. As internet downtime is highly detrimental to any business business, G.Fast offers a demonstrable business advantage.

G.Fast Technology is the Future

There is no doubt that in the next decade, G.Fast technology will be available to all businesses. However, there are limitations to the G.Fast service.

Due to the use of existing copper wire technology, occasionally, slower speeds can be seen on the longer runs from the PCP cabinet. There is also the issue of degradation of copper cables. In order to get the best and highest G.Fast speeds, businesses generally need a line that is under 200m in length. Where businesses are further removed from the street cabinet, significant loss of data speed has been observed.

The main drawback of G.Fast, at present, is coverage. Many of the North West's key business areas are not yet included in the pilot or secondary area. However, we expect to receive plenty more coverage announcements in the coming months, so keep an eye on our blog for more information.

We promise to keep you informed as soon as we know the next North West regions to be included.

Want G.Fast For Your Business?

We can help you find out if you are in the current G.Fast locations and help you get the best ultra fast broadband deal for your business.

Contact DSUK today to learn more about how you can make the most of your business broadband options.








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