How does Ctrack’s vehicle tracking technology differ from other vehicle tracking solutions?

Most forward-thinking businesses are only too well aware of the advantages and benefits of vehicle tracking. The technology can help to deliver efficiency savings: savings that really matter in times of recession. Vehicle trackers help businesses to monitor the behaviour of their employees. For the perfect example you only need to look to fuel and servicing savings. A business vehicle driven consistently at 70 miles an hour, as opposed to 90 miles an hour, will save somewhere in the region of 12 to 15 percent in fuel, and additionally save a further 5 to 10 percent on vehicle servicing bills.

So vehicle tracking solutions readily pay for themselves. But if all vehicle tracking solutions can deliver these types of savings and efficiencies, what makes Ctrack’s ‘next generation’ trackers different?

How Ctrack’s technology & solutions package differs from other vehicle tracking technologies

  • Ctrack has three-way accelerometer technology in the actual tracking unit
  • Ctrack has optional Business v’s Private mileage switches fitted in vehicles
  • Ctrack has optional in-cab Driver Behaviour Unit giving drivers live and real-time feedback on driving styles
  • Ctrack has optional Driver ID functionality to verify who’s driving which vehicle at any given time
  • Ctrack comes with a highly configurable system with unique scheduled reporting for automated delivery of reports
  • Ctrack’s connected Navigation and Messaging incorporates Driver Behaviour Feedback (incorporating ‘truck attributes’ for HGV navigation when used in trucks)
  • Ctrack allows access to the system for field-based management via their smartphone or tablet pc
  • Lone-worker tracking, tracing & reporting units
  • Portable (battery powered and re-chargeable) units for trailer tracking
  • Unique ‘soft-connect’ CAN touch technology which won’t void vehicle manufacturer’s warranties

ALL of these advanced technologies report into one single web-based user platform so customers have a complete asset and people management solution in one place rather than spread across several platforms.

For further details of Ctrack’s ‘next generation’ vehicle trackers and peripherals, or for more general information about the benefits of vehicle tracking, contact Diamond Solutions UK on 08444 11 55 66, or visit our website


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