iPad integration in business use

The iPad is now an integral part of our digital culture. However, it is no longer simply used for playing games and reading books, it is also helping businesses become more productive and efficient. The iPad now incorporates email, calendars, applications and integration with various business productivity suites and has become one of the most effective tools for business users.

Why are iPads so valuable in business?

The iPad has unlimited potential in a business environment and has the power to not only improve the way businesses work on the move, but also to ultimately transform the way they do business. Office-enabled iPads will let companies and enterprises:

  • manage their business from any location at any time
  • access communications and business data whilst out and about
  • conduct visual presentations on the iPad large high-resolution screen
  • input and update data using the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard
  • deliver better and more effective information to customers and prospects
  • relax, secure in the knowledge that total security is ensured with full device encryption, comprehensive password support and remote management policies

What are the business benefits of office-enabled iPads?

Portability and versatility:

Carrying around a laptop, power cord, mouse, and associated paperwork to business meetings can be something of a challenge. However an iPad is not only portable and smaller but it can give up to 10 hours of battery life, so there’s no need to carry bulky power cords and adapters.

Data migration:

Migrating business data from a desktop computer to an iPad is much easier than ever before using the latest iOS upgrade.


Most webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail are integrated with iPad’s email technology. Microsoft Exchange email integration also now comes as standard. It’s also easy to access a business calendar from the iPad, as Microsoft Exchange and Gmail will both work with iPad’s native calendar application. Other web applications like Yahoo have applications you can use to access a calendar whilst out and about.

Integration with Apple iWork:

One of the other key business uses for the iPad is its integration with Apple’s iWork software suite. Even if you’re a PC user, iWork applications like Keynote and Pages will still integrate with any presentation or document created with PowerPoint and Word. Similarly, all the documentation created on an iPad can easily be synched with a Mac or PC for editing.

Managing bookmarks:

Another useful feature for roaming iPad users is the ability to sync bookmarks from Safari on a computer to Safari on an iPad. Businesses will no longer need to hunt around for important links they may need for presentations, as they will be able to manage their bookmark lists from the iPad and access them when they reach the meeting.

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