Is audio conferencing right for your business?

While it might not get as much publicity as web and video conferencing, audio conferencing has none the less been vitally important for business for decades. Throughout that time it has continued to become increasingly important. In fact, independent communications analyst, Wainhouse Research, estimates that by 2016 the overall worldwide audio conferencing market will be worth roughly $5 billion.

The reason why audio conferencing is so popular is simple: it works, it’s cost-effective, it’s easy to use and it’s secure. Audio conferencing solutions can help companies improve business processes and communications while significantly reducing costs. Audio conferencing solutions can deliver significant benefits and advantages such as greater collaboration and higher productivity in a more cost-effective way.

What many audio conferencing users perhaps don’t fully appreciate is that audio conferencing technology has made a number of fairly dramatic advances over the years. The pity is that because the changes have been so seamless many of these have gone unnoticed. Perhaps the most significant advance has been in the way audio conferencing calls are made. Network infrastructure, mobility and IT advances have significantly expanded our virtual reach. The days of routing your calls via huge company-owned data centres are a thing of the past. They have been superseded by co-location facilities and Voice over internet Protocol (VoIP), the standard bearer of the digital evolution of all things audio. In fact over 75 percent of international calls are now made via the Internet. VoIP has changed the way service providers design and create their technology, as well as the way companies conduct daily business operations.

DSUK operates two types of audio conferencing service: basic and advanced. DSUK’s no-frills service operates simply by dialling a number and inputting a PIN and room number. This service can work in conjunction with 01/02/03 and 08 numbers, with the costs being dependent on which of these numbers are used.  DSUK’s advanced audio conferencing service is more sophisticated. It can work with international dial-in numbers; it can be branded, has operated-assistance, and can work in conjunction with a web conferencing as well. Should you need to dial a 01/02 /03 number because the majority of your users communicate via mobile devices, DSUK is able to provide that service too and reduce the costs to call this number.

If you’d like to know more about audio conferencing, or find out if audio conferencing is right for your business, then contact Diamond Solutions UK on 08444 115566

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