You know you are addicted to your phone when

Most of us carry our mobile phones everywhere with us, so it’s safe to say a few of you may be able to relate to these tell-tales signs that you’re addicted to your phone:

  1. You feel a little panicked when your phone is out of sight. Where is it?  Who has it?  What is it up to?  What if someone phones?  The world might actually be coming to an end.
  2. You sleep with your phone on your bed side table. OK, maybe your phone doubles as your alarm, so it makes sense, but what about those of you who sleep with it IN bed with you?
  3. You’ve been out for a meal with friends, and you’ve played that “game” where all phones are placed in the middle, and the first person to pick theirs up buys the next round. You’re the one that had to buy that round.
  4. You suddenly act like employee of the month, justifying being on your phone all the time just so you can check “work emails”. We’re sorry, no one buys that.
  5. At least once a week you freak out when you can’t find your phone, only to realise it’s in your hand.
  6. You’re convinced you can do two things at once, like text and talk, or text and listen – but you can’t. Remember that lamp post you walked in to, or that stupid thing you agreed to?  Put the phone DOWN!
  7. The only time you turn your phone off is on an airplane.
  8. You feel a little rejected when, after a significantly long absence (say, an hour) you check your phone and there are no new notifications. The horror!  Where is everyone?
  9. You take your phone to the bathroom (and have probably dropped at least one incarnation of your phone down the dreaded toilet).
  10. Your phone battery doesn’t last a day (good news, a power bank could help extend its life whilst you’re out and about!).

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