The latest Google phone – Pixel

Here at Diamond Solutions we get ourselves just a little bit giddy when new phones and devices are released.  We also get ourselves a little disappointed when they start exploding all over the place, but we’re not the only ones on that front.

To help us get over recent “issues” Google has released their new phone – the Pixel, and from what we can tell, there is nothing but love for this new addition to the marketplace.

What you need to know about Google Pixel

Firstly, the phone is available in two sizes, either a 5 inch or the slightly larger Pixel XL at 5.5 inches.

Secondly, reviewers are going mad for it, hailing it the best phone EVER, and certainly worth it’s considerably hefty £599.99 price tag.

As with many phones on the market it has a metal and glass design, although it does seem to lack any major sophistication and comes off looking somewhat dull compared to many of its counterparts.  Though, there is a strong argument to suggest it does look better than the recent crop of iPhones.

The sides are heavily chamfered, which, coupled with the fact it is not an overly thin device, makes it very easy and comfortable to hold.  In terms of size, it competes with the iPhone 7 being only slightly taller and thicker.

The display, regardless of size, is second to none, with a 1080p resolution (on the 5-inch) and AMOLED screen.  However, the real highlight is arguably the camera.  In fact, the Pixel received the highest ever ranking by DxOMark, an industry trusted camera testing site due to the fact it works well in low light and picks up variations in colour beautifully.

As expected, the camera has standard Andriod features, such as the ability to panoramic shots, 360-degree photos and lens blur shots.  Equally, the video image stabilisation feature means that even those with the unsteadiest of hands should be able to shoot smooth video as and when required.

Added touches

On top of just being a great phone, owners are offered unlimited Google cloud storage.  This is great because it will allow you to keep all images and videos in full resolution, easily offloading them to the cloud to free up space on the device itself.

According to the marketing material (and make of that what you will) the Pixel can charge up to 7 hours’ worth of battery life in a mere 15 minutes.  We admit we find that hard to believe, but it would be impressive if it’s even slightly true.

As new phones go, this one may not be perfect, but it does seem to be pretty close to it on many fronts.  The design may leave a lot to be desired, and the fingerprint scanner does seem to have an odd placement, but we’re not sure that’s enough to put people off buying it.  The price might do that; however, we’ve seen expensive phones in the past fly off the shelves.

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