Government Leased Line Voucher Scheme Soon to be Extended to the North West Region

Government Leased Line Voucher Scheme Soon to be Extended to the North West Region

With the Government soon to be expanding the £67m UK Gigabit Broadband Leased Line Voucher Scheme, businesses in the North West will be able to claim a discount voucher of up to £3,000 against the cost of installing a superfast internet connection. 

Government Funding for Business Leased Line Broadband

Fast, reliable internet connectivity is now vital for the smooth running of every business. The Gigabit Voucher scheme from the government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), recognises this. The scheme allows SMEs to claim a discount voucher of up to £3,000 against the cost of installing a consistently superfast and reliable gigabit capable connection.

Although currently limited to certain regions, the signs are that the leased line voucher scheme is set to expand to include Manchester, Lancashire, Bury, Bolton, Stockport and the rest of the North West.

This would represent a significant boost for businesses in the region, dispelling the frustrations of downtime, slow page loading and all the other issues that come with standard broadband connections and bringing superfast broadband and connectivity that can satisfy today’s business demands.

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Leased lines offer businesses the flexibility and speed they need at a more affordable solution than ever before. Leased Lines differ from the consumer broadband connections we use at home, by providing consistent capacity and speed with no lags or variations in the line speed due to traffic.

Domestic-type connections are essentially shared lines. The more people using them at once, (watching streaming services such as Netflix, etc.) the slower the line speeds become.

This is manageable for families and small offices, but when it comes to businesses, the requirement for more speed, capacity and reliability makes a domestic-type broadband connection simply unfit for purpose.

Dedicated Symmetrical Broadband
The solution is a dedicated leased line. This gives business a symmetrical data connection that operates on a fixed bandwidth.

Dedicated – the internet connection is reserved just for your business, and constantly provides the same fast broadband speed through a fixed bandwidth.

Symmetrical – the bandwidth is the same speed and capacity on both upload and download. Unlike domestic connections which favour one over the other.

A leased line is a private circuit between two points, one point being your business premises and the other being the network provider’s nearest point of presence (PoP).

For organisations that need high-quality internet connections that can handle large amounts of data, leased lines simply offer the best possible option.

Although leased lines might seem suitable only for big business, the reality is that businesses of all sizes can benefit from a leased line connection.

With most businesses making full use of cloud computing technology, SaS systems and off-site working, data needs are higher than ever before.

Leased lines deliver the best solution for this. But they don’t have to be only used for internet connection. Phone calls, VoIP, network traffic and any data transfer needs your company has can be handled more quickly and efficiently through the use of a leased line.

Leased Line Benefits include:-

  • Higher Speeds
  • Better reliability
  • Enhanced security

Costs vs Benefit

Leased Lines can seem like a large upfront expense, but even without the Leased Line Voucher Scheme, the cost is all relative.

If your business relies heavily on a guaranteed, fast connection, delivered on a circuit that is completely dedicated to you and not shared amongst many others, a dedicated Leased Line offers the best value for money and outstanding reliability.

Leased Line Voucher Scheme in the North West

As a specialist internet service provider for businesses across the North West region, Diamond Solutions work closely with business to help them find the best internet connectivity that is right for them.

We’ve seen first hand the transformative effect good internet connectivity can have on a business. As well as the negative impact of a poor connection.

We are fully supporting the DCMS Leased Line vouchers scheme in bringing high capacity internet connections to businesses across the UK and will be working with businesses to help them make best use of the scheme.

Sharing Vouchers for Smaller Business

There are many options for businesses in Manchester and the region to make use of the scheme once it has rolled out in our region.

This includes the possibility for businesses in the same location, such as at a business park, hub, or sharing a building, to pool their vouchers and get a collective discount on the provision of gigabit technology. So that even if you aren’t able to commit to this kind of connection just yet, it’s worth seeing whether your business neighbours might be able to share a superfast connection with you.

Be the First To Make Use of Leased Line Vouchers in the North West

To stay informed on the voucher scheme in the North West, fill in your details and we’ll contact you.

Alternatively, if you need connectivity more quickly, Diamond Solutions provide all forms of advanced connectivity through our fibre optic leased lines. Even if you think your business may not need such a high speed yet, we offer packages at a range of speeds, suited to your needs.

Talk to our friendly team to learn more.

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