Looking for the right advice when choosing your mobile contract , ask us?

Choosing a new mobile phone contract can be a major hassle.  If you are looking for a business contract, with multiple users, then it can be even more complicated!  There are just so many different things that need to be considered.

Do you need a contract?

When you are thinking about personal use then it may well be beneficial to opt for PAYG instead of a tied-in contract.  However, from a business perspective it is far more useful to have specific payments due each month as these can be handled by your accounts department.

Equally, contracts tend to offer better value for money when it comes to price per minute and usage allowances which will work in your favour and help keep business costs down.

What’s the best network?

Not only do you need to provide the customer service provided by your supplier, but you will need to consider the reliability of their service itself.  Some networks are infamous of not being able to provide strong signals and coverage in rural areas, while others don’t have that problem.

You will need to consider whether the signal is good where you live, or where your office is, but what about meetings you regularly attend?  What about employees who operate in the field, perhaps literally?  Will you be able to get hold of them if you need to or will their signal keep dropping?

How do you use your phone?

While it may be easy for you to answer that question, what about the rest of your staff?  What do they primarily need their phones for you?  Do you just want them to be able to make and receive calls?  Do you expect them to check their emails on the go, or even do internet based work?

Whatever the answers to these questions you will need to make sure that any packages you sign up to will be suitable for your actual needs.  If it isn’t then there is a good chance you will end up paying much more than you should be.

Bill shock

Managing one mobile can be complex enough when it comes to unexpected bills; however, that is infinitely worse if you have multiple users to contend with.  If everyone over-uses their allowance you are going to have more than simple bill shock to deal with, you may well have anger management issues too!

Most providers will be able to set up a cap on your phones, whether that’s a generic across all handsets cap or something specific to individual users.  This can be a great way to make sure that you will only ever pay the amount agreed, or a tiny bit more than that depending on where you have set your limit.

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