Mobile phone tracking: the benefits

What’s the most useful communications solutions tool available for businesses in this modern age? Well you could make a case for either smartphones or tablets, but it’s arguable that perhaps the most valuable tool in a business’ armour is mobile phone tracking. Its benefits aren’t simply restricted to business either; mobile phone tracking can also be a useful addition in everyday family life. Mobile phone tracking is probably the most effective means of keeping up to date with the movements of employees, family members or anyone who has an installed device. Smartphone technology, powered by software with integrated GPS can keep you informed in real-time and let you know the exact whereabouts of employees, colleagues and family members. But just how useful is mobile phone tracking? What sort of benefits can the technology really bring? Here are just a few of the major benefits:

Business management

When a business issues mobile phones to its employees, it can use the tracking information from the phones to see where its workers spend time while out on any given job. Phone-tracking services for businesses can also offer additional features, like the ability to display a warning when an employee drives faster than the legal speed limit; a feature that has proved of value to transportation and delivery companies.

Emergency services

By using information gathered from a phone's GPS receiver and by working with the phone provider to determine the device's position relative to nearby mobile mast, it is possible for the police force and fire and ambulance services to be able to find lost and missing persons even when you don’t know where you are or have been injured.

 Colleague and friend tracking

Some mobile phones have tracking features that may enhance both your business and social life. "Find My Friends" - a downloadable application for the iPhone, is an example of such a service that displays on a map dots that represent your friend’s or colleague’s location, allowing you to find each other even in crowded places.

Child safety

Mobile phone-tracking makes it possible for parents to know where their children are at all times. Some vendors sell phones with embedded software that periodically sends data on the phone's current location to a central server via the mobile network. By logging into the service online, parents can view their child's current location and track where they have been previously. This might be especially important if you can track that they have been to potentially dangerous locations.

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