Should mobiles be banned at the dinner table?

Last week Aviva Insurance published a report which gave a startling snap shot of family life and our reliance on technology.

According to the study almost 50% of those asked admitted to texting each other whilst they were in the same house.  Reaching for a mobile device seemed preferable for most than having a face to face conversation.  Equally, 33% of families reported that it was impossible to get through an entire meal time without at least one member reaching for their phone whilst at the table.

These numbers increase when children and teenagers are present within the home – though it’s not clear if it’s the adults ignoring the children, or vice versa!

Whilst many people wouldn’t disagree that technology can be a wonderful thing, and can in fact make it easier to stay in touch with family and friends from further afield, there is an argument that we are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off.  Some people even report that they will check their phones first thing in the morning before rolling over and saying good morning to their partner!

Now, we know our blogs are interesting, and no one wants to miss out on them, but honestly, morning breath aside, give your other half a peck on the cheek first.

None of us want to hear those dreaded words “in my day …” but the reality is that once upon a long ago meal times meant something. There were a genuine opportunity for a family to come together and catch up.  Arguably there is little point when you can just check out anyone Facebook status to see how their day has been, or following them on Instagram to find out more.

Is technology depriving us of the art of conversation and genuine connection, or are we panicking over nothing?  Obviously we love technology, and anything that allows us to communicate better, but what do you think?

Is there a place for mobiles and tablets at the dinner table?  What about when you are out having a meal with family?  Do you impose a no-phone policy after certain points of the day or do you allow your children free reign?  We’d love to know what you think.

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