The not-so-spooky truth about ghost numbers

Despite the fact that most people now have a mobile phone, the vast majority of businesses prefer to have a landline they can direct their customers too.  Having a dedicated landline number gives the immediate impression that you have an office, no doubt with staff, and therefore that you are well established.  It hides the fact that you may well actually be using a call handling service, or even have all calls diverted to your mobile so you can answer them when you are out and about.  But what has this got to do with ghost numbers?

Regardless of whether you use a landline for your business or not, you will be aware that all numbers come with a geographical tag.  In Manchester the area code is 0161, for Southend on Sea it’s 01702.  Each area, whether it be a town or city, will have its own code and this allows people to identify quickly and easily where you are based.

It can be a great thing, or it can perhaps be a barrier to really breaking in to new areas.  If you want to build relationships in Liverpool, for example, and extend your marketing and advertising in to that area, using a Manchester number may not get you as far as you would hope.  If you want to combat these potential barriers, what are your options?

Of course, you could simply revert back to using the trusty mobile, which is inherently geographically mobile and therefore gives no indication whatsoever of your location.  However, this is of no use if you want to retain the look and feel of a more professional organisation by having an office base.

There is good news though, you do have options: Ghost Numbers.

These aren’t anywhere near as spooky as they sound.  Put simply, they are geographical numbers that you can purchase, at any time, for any purpose, that will allow you to give the impression of being in one location, whilst in reality being in another.

You can therefore phone a Liverpool based company from the comfort of your Manchester office, leave them a message and ask them to call you back.  When they dial the 0151 area code they will assume they are speaking to someone in Liverpool, but will of course be direct straight to you.

If you want to find ways that you can advertise in areas that you are not based, why not speak to the team at Diamond Solutions today to find out more about Ghost Numbers and how we can help?  Simply call 0844 411 5566.

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