Pancakes-its shrove Tuesday-yes there is an app?

With Shrove Tuesday just around the corner (February 28th, in case you weren’t aware) our minds have turned to all things pancake. Of course, we then drifted on to all things sweet and yummy and, well, we kind of got stuck there. However, that did cause a moment of inspiration and a desire for us all to turn in to Mary Berry and became master bakers.

The problem is, recipe books can be so expensive (and take up a lot of room), especially when you start off with the best of intentions and give up after browsing one page.  The good news though is that, as with everything these days, there is an app for that. If you want to enhance your baking skills, why not have a look through the various apps on offer?

Here are our top three to get you started.

The Great British Bake Off

You can’t discuss any form of baking without reference to TGBBO. It’s like law.  This amazing app is designed to take you through a step by step guide on methods, tips and techniques for delicious delicacies and perfect profiteroles.

We particularly like it because each recipe has a star rating to indicate difficulty, meaning that you won’t feel like you are out of your depth, unless you want to be challenged. There’s a selection of free recipes to get you started, although you will have to part with some pennies if you want to get full access.

Some of the other great features include access to expert tips, the ability to make notes about things you have picked up along the way, as well as an in-app camera option so you can photo your bakes and share your makes with the online community.  You can even sync up with a shopping list to ensure you don’t forget your baking powder, as well as utilising the in-app timers to avoid burnt buns!

Cake-Boy Classics App

This is another great app featuring over 80 different recipes which fall in to either basics and pastries, cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, cupcakes or desserts.  We don’t know the difference between all these categories, but they look and sound amazing!

One of the best things about this particular app is the sheer variety, as well as the honesty.  Whilst Mary Berry and the like no doubt have a fully stocked kitchen with all the baking paraphernalia, us mere mortals often do not.  This app has an option to select an alternative ingredient if your cupboards are looking a little bare, and you don’t have time to hit the shops.

There is even a selection of gluten-free recipes to keep everyone happy.

Big Fork Little Fork

We have to hold our hands up, this isn’t a specific baking app, and you aren’t guaranteed to come away with a host of new tasty treats in your repertoire, but if you have kids, you are going to love it!

The best thing about this app is that it is designed to encourage children to get creative in the kitchen.  Equally, there are some great bits of video content showing how to perform a variety of basic techniques, including cracking an egg.

There are even some games which combine food, cooking and maths to keep young children occupied.


If you do decide to give any of these apps a go, all we ask is that you send us a sample of any sweet treats you bake!

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