Productivity Apps

There is no doubt you will have heard us say this before, but technology is everywhere. And by technology, to be honest, we’re talking about smartphones and the like. The simple truth is that you can barely go anywhere these days without being checked in automatically, or having targeted ads and offers zapped to you the minute you walk through a door.

The whole point of all this technology we carry around with us all the time is to ensure we’re constantly connected, but equally that we are getting more done. Or, at least that’s how we’re meant to feel.

“I can check my emails on my commute to work” sounds like a fantastic idea, but the reality is you’re probably going to end up scrolling through Facebook or getting caught up in yet another debate about politics and the impending election.

The end result is wasted time.

Equally, the incessant interruption from a myriad of app-based notifications means you are, well, constantly being interrupted. Every time you stop what you’re doing to respond to a message, email, voicemail or phone call, you are losing time. Not just time lost in dealing with the interruption, but in the time it takes for you to get your head back in to what it was you were doing in the first place.

There is a strong argument to suggest that we’re actually becoming less productive and efficient with our time management and workloads as we let technology edge ever more in to our everyday lives.

It would be ridiculous to suggest that anything is ever going to actually change, telecoms and mobile devices aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they are only going to get bigger, faster and bolder; so what’s the solution?

In all honesty, the best thing you can do is embrace it and if you are struggling to stay on top of everything, why not look for apps that are specifically designed to give you some control back?


This amazing app provides you with one workspace from which you can make notes, organised them and present your ideas in a logical manner. As well as being able to make and take notes, you can also upload images and audio.

Not only is this a great way to store information, but it’s fantastic for sharing it with colleagues and clients, ensuring you have everything you need on the go.


Specifically for iPads and iPhones this app is designed to help you quickly set tasks and reminders for deadlines. It’s a great way of clearing up your calendar by putting urgent and deadline based tasks in to a separate system.

Our favourite bit of this app is the fact it is easy to update and alter on the go, with a simple one-tap functionality.


One of the old guard, this app was undoubtedly the inspiration for online file storage, and provides you with an office on the go. Storing all your files, folders, audio and images online is a great way to ensure you have access to them wherever and whenever you need them. Not only that, but for small businesses it’s also a great way to beef up cyber security and ensure your files are backed up appropriately and accessible whilst on the move.


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