Reasons Why You Need an iPad

Here at Diamond Solutions we are pretty gadget mad. And the evolution of tablet communications has opened up another avenue for DSUK to provide services to our customers. That of the wonderful Ipad. So excuse us if we indulge in a few – we think – obvious reasons why you should have one.

Reasons to Buy:

  • It is a great look – As a fashion accessory, the iPad is all that and offers you much to get enthusiastic about.
  • You can watch TV and Movies– It’s great for catching up on your favourite programmes whether it's live or on-demand content. Plus you can download shows from apps like BBC iPlayer and 4 On Demand to watch when there's no internet connection. Which is great for a long commute. Other apps such as TV Catchup let you watch some TV channels live, too.
  • You can read books and listen to music– Yes you can use your ipad as a book as well as being able to take your playlists wherever you go. And it’s the perfect size for sharing the experience with friends. Two more reasons why the iPad has become a one-stop shop for communications and entertainment.
  • Gaming – Not for everyone, but if you’ve been bitten by the gaming bug on your iphone then you’ll find the iPad gaming experience a step above. Always something the entertain the kids with at a moments notice. And there are literally thousands of games available for iPad which are free. If not you can buy for around £5.
  • It’s a great alternative to the laptop - Sending an email, updating your social networks and updating documents are all easy tasks with the iPad. It’s much quicker and easier than having to boot up your laptop.

Special offer Because we know the iPad is one of the most desirable gadgets to have, DSUK has negotiated with our suppliers the ability to supply an iPad3 16gb 3G  wifi free of charge on a 24 month Vodafone £24.99 + vat contract. Hooray! For more details contacts on 08444 115566.

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