SDSL Broadband

The SDSL broadband range from one of our suppliers ( Daisy Communications) provides customers with business quality broadband as an affordable alternative to leased lines. With a symmetrical service your download and upload speeds are exactly the same which helps provide exceedingly consistent and reliable performance.

DSUK offer two Daisy services , the SDSL (A) package is suited for customers with 1-50 users whereas the SDSL (M) package will cater for 1-100 users or customers with critical applications which rely on connectivity.

Feature and benefits:

  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds
  • Uncontended, so you won't be effected by other users
  • Daisy SDSL offers faster speeds than most rivals that are limited to 2Mb Guaranteed speeds
  • Enhanced care as standard
  • Much lower cost than private circuits or leased lines
  • Up to 6 Free static IP's
  • Available at 70% of exchanges as opposed to be the 10% where traditional SDSL is available
  • Business critical enhanced care as standard- 6hr guaranteed fix time

Ideal for customers who use the following products or services

  • VOIP
  • Cloud Computing
  • SaaS
  • Web & Video Conferencing
  • CCTV
  • Online back up
  • Running own web & mail Servers

Specifications and Prices are as follows:-

Product Business 2+SDSL(A) Business 2+ SDSL (M)
Download 1.3mb 2.5M
Upload 1.3mb 2.5M
Cap Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Price £60 per month £100 per month
Connection/Migration Fee £30 or Free on 2YR+ £30 or Free on 2YR+
Router Wireless- £45 Wireless- £45


For more info contact us on 08444 11 55 66

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