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What is the Best Business Mobile Phone for your Company

Finding the best mobile phone option for your business isn’t as simple as choosing the cheapest handset. To get the right choice, it’s important to look at a range of different angles to see what will work best in your individual business setting. You will need to consider how each mobile phone will be used,…
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The Business Benefits of Leased Lines Internet Connections

The Business Benefits of Leased Lines Connection Leased lines are becoming more popular with business of all sizes. We look at 3 simple reasons why a leased line broadband connection is the ideal solution for business connectivity. Leased Lines for Business Traditionally, leased lines were thought of as only being suitable for a large organisation.…
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The latest Google phone – Pixel

Here at Diamond Solutions we get ourselves just a little bit giddy when new phones and devices are released.  We also get ourselves a little disappointed when they start exploding all over the place, but we’re not the only ones on that front. To help us get over recent “issues” Google has released their new…
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