The how why and where of mobile phones

Most people assume when it comes to a mobile phone they know what they’re doing. More importantly, if they don’t, they can just pop in to the local store of their choice for expert advice and tips.

However, that’s not entirely the case.  Or at least not all the time.

Network providers do often have high street stores where you can talk to a real live human being, face to face. But what happens when something goes wrong?  In most cases those customer service reps are there to answer basic queries, advise and sell.  If you have any problems after that you’re directed to their call centre where your call is important to them, but will take weeks to be answered.

Here at Diamond Solutions we know we can’t compete with the volume of enquiries the larger providers handle, but we’re 100% OK with that.  Less volume means more time, and that’s where we really shine.

Being able to provide a bespoke and personal one to one service is what we’re all about.  It means we are able to really get to know you, your business and your requirements.  Only then are we really able to provide you with the best advice on what the market has to offer you.

When you come to Diamond Solutions we start with three questions.

  1. How

How do you intend to use your mobile phone?  For example, do you just want to use it for making it calls, or do you want to be able to access your emails on it too?  Do you essentially want to work from your mobile, or is it just a back up from when you are out of the office?

What other telecoms devices do you have at work?  Do they need to be connected?  Do you have other members of a team that you need to ensure are always connected, and what is the best way of managing all of that?

  1. Why

Why is all of this important to you?  It might seem like a silly question, but the best ones often do.  Why do you want the latest phone?  Does it offer you something that nothing else on the market does, or is it simply because it looks impressive?  Perhaps there is something better for you that you haven’t considered because you’re hung up on the latest gadget and trend.

Why are you focussed on a particular service?  Is it possible that there’s something that would make more sense?  It  might be that a VOIP connection would be more beneficial to you, or perhaps ghost numbers, the ability to conference call between offices for free.

  1. Where

Where are you based and where do you want to be?  These are important issues to take in to account because for a large part they will determine the services you can access.

Before you move in to a new office we are on hand to provide you with advice on what connection speeds you can expect.  It might be that you rely heavily on a fast internet speed, but the location just can’t deliver it.  If that’s the case, better to know now rather than after you’ve unpacked your post-it notes.

In many cases we can offer work arounds, but it is always better to know what you’re getting yourself in to so there are no nasty surprises.


Remember, we are here to help you get the most out of your telecoms, so you can get the most out of your business.  For expert, tailored and independent advice speak to the team at Diamond Solutions today.

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