Twinning – what is it?

When most people think of “twinning”, they no doubt think of remote French villages or unpronounceable Polish towns. For example, our great town of Bury is actually twinned with four towns: Angouleme and Tulle in France, Schorndorf in Germany and Woodbury in the USA.

Of course, that’s not what we’re talking about at Diamond Solutions when we suggest you consider twinning for your business.

When it comes to telecoms, twinning is the ability to link an external number to your desk extension, so that both numbers ring at the same time.  You might wonder what the point is, surely that just creates lots of ringing phones? What are the actual benefits?

# 1 – Always mobile

If all you have is a landline attached to your desk it is logical to assume you will only be able to pick up calls when you are in the office, at your desk. Given how often you and other members of your team have to leave the office, this can become quite impractical quite quickly.

Having your mobile phone (whether personal or work) twinned with the office number means that, no matter where you are when a call comes in to the office you will be aware of it, and able to answer it.

# 2 – Still professional

Of course, whether you answer that call remains entirely up to you.  It may be that you know someone else is in the office to get it, so you don’t need to worry about it.  Or you may just be too busy at that precise moment to handle it yourself.  The good news is, if you aren’t able to answer, and no one else is, the caller will be directed to the voice mail associated with the number they actually dialled.

This way they can leave a message for your business in your business inbox, and it will be waiting for you as and when you are able to retrieve it.

# 3 – Protect your number

The problem with people having your mobile number is quite simply that they will call it.  They will call it 9am, 6pm, 8pm every day of the week and whilst you are on holiday.  When you run your own business and use your mobile as your main point of contact it is likely to get abused and overused, leading you to become stressed and unable to “switch off” at any point.

When you twin your mobile with your landline people only need to be provided with the landline number.  Most people associate a landline with office hours, and won’t think to call it on a Saturday morning.  Mobiles however do give an instant impression that you are constantly available.

Perhaps you want that, but for most people, they don’t.  Should someone phone at an unsociable time you will still receive the call on your phone if it is twinned, but you can make a judgment as to whether you want to answer it or simply let the business voicemail get it.

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