Walk to work day?

Did you know that 7th April is Walk to Work Day?  To be honest, it’s not exactly up there with Christmas and New Year’s, but it is a good date for the diary.  Walking has so many health benefits, regardless of your current physical status, and best of all, is free.  Not only that, but it’s good for the environment and simple to get involved in.

If you want to take advantage of this date in a bid to increase your calories whilst reducing your carbon footprint then one of the best ways is to use an app.  We decided to look at some of the free apps that are available out there for you, and here are our top five:

# 1 MapMyWalk

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows this app gives you everything you’re likely to need.

Straight away you can access popular routes by location, whether you’re in Edinburgh, London or Tallahassee.  In fact, there are over 70 million routes to choose from, so there’s definitely going to be a little something for everyone.

Not only can you map out your entire route and keep track of them for future reference, you can also record your activity off-app by entering information manually. If you plan to use the app to help you stay on top of any fitness goals you have, then there is also the option to enter information regarding your diet and nutrition so you can have a complete picture of what you are doing when it comes to your fitness lifestyle.

One of our favourite elements is the social part, where you can add friends to provide each other with encouragement, or even set up your own little friendly competition.

# 2 Walkmeter GPS Pedometer – Walking, Running, Hiking

This app is a fantastic addition to any walkers/runners/hikers arsenal, offering maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, zones, training plans and much, much more.

One of the best functionality aspects is the fact you can see workouts on a calendar, or you can view by activity type or routes.  It’s a great way to keep track of progress, especially if you are in the process of training for something specific.

The app also automatically excludes stoppage time by detecting rests, and will record heart rate, bike speeds, and steps to name a few.

Our favourite part is the fact that it comes complete with some standard training plans for both 5K, 10K and a marathon. However, you can also upload your own plans if you want to, so you’re not stuck with just what’s on offer.

# 3 AlpineQuest GPS

If you are in to the great outdoors, then this is the app you need for your Android.  It is designed with hikers, climbers, hunters etc in mind, and offers topographic maps to cover all the bases.

As it has a built in compass it really is a fantastic way for those who like to explore away from the beaten track, and as it still works out of coverage, you really don’t need to worry about getting lost.

We admit it’s probably a little bit too adventurous for our liking, but it does look like it offers something amazing for those who like a little bit more adventure when they step outside.

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