What is the Best Business Mobile Phone for your Company

Finding the best mobile phone option for your business isn’t as simple as choosing the cheapest handset. To get the right choice, it’s important to look at a range of different angles to see what will work best in your individual business setting.

You will need to consider how each mobile phone will be used, who is going to be using them and how much you realistically want, or can afford, to spend!

1, Who in Your Business Needs A Mobile?
The job roles your employees have should help inspire your business mobile phone choice.

First, think about who needs a mobile. Do you have workers in a factory, on-site or off-site, or office staff at desks most of the day? If you have field sales staff who are constantly on the move, they will need a mobile that is suitable.

  • Physical Jobs– working in a tough physical environment requires a tough or water-resistant phone. Something that will survive the inevitable accidents. Getting something that is durable will save time and money sorting out smashed, crushed or water-damaged phones.
  • Office Use – desk-based staff require a handset that is less sturdy, but more efficient. If you just have one phone in your office, perhaps for backup in case your landlines have issues, or for sending texts to other sites, you only need an inexpensive yet reliable handset, with a dependable standby battery.
  • On the Road– Sales people live on their phones, using everything from emails, calls, texts and apps etc. This means that they will need an all-singing, all-dancing piece of kit that works as fast as they do and looks the part too. Field staff usually dress smartly and have an impressive mode of transport – to complete the look, they need an up-to-date and powerful corporate device.

2, What Software Apps Does Your Business Use?

Many businesses use a variety of software and apps to manage their daily activity. If your company uses particular apps or software, you will need to consider which operating systems will support your needs best.

Also, it is important to make sure that the hardware specification are enough to meet the application requirements. The size of your business apps will dictate how much minimum storage you need your business handsets to have.

3, What Business Mobile Should You Choose?

If your staff are facing clients or customers, the “look” of their phones is important, as it will make an impression. Sales staff look well prepared and professional if they are seen using an up-to-date business mobile phone.

In the same way, outdoor staff, such as builders, look hard-working and well supplied with a specially made “tough phone”.

Choosing a handset for Directors or senior staff means considering the most recent and top of the range models – something that gives a professional and affluent image. The iPhone X is still the ultimate status symbol, but is one of the most expensive handset on the market.

If your business is in the creative or tech sphere, it’s important to have the most appropriate business handset that will show off digital skills, as well as inspiring confidence from clients that your team are at the cutting edge of development.

4, How much should you spend on each business mobile?

When it comes to business decisions, financial requirements usually have the final say. It’s good then to remember that the best phones for your employees needs don’t have to be the most expensive.

There are many excellent mid-range handsets available as well as very good value high-specification phones.

If there is a particular handset that is high in performance, it may be that it is also worth the high cost, however, you need to decide whether the work environment for some of your users is right to spend lots of money on phones they don’t need.

Another option is to supply the same model of handset to all employees so as not to play favourites, and so that you as a company get to know the handsets which can help with troubleshooting and assisting each other with operation going forward.

Equally you may want to give managers high end smartphones and the remaining staff basic call and text handsets if they don’t need internet access specifically.

Either way you will need to find a solution that works with your budget in the most cost-effective way.

Talk To The Mobile Experts

To make the right decision it’s always best to speak to an expert. At DSUK we are knowledgeable on all manufacturers, operating systems and models. We understand the needs of business devices and their daily use and are in the best place to give our customers the most accurate and up-to-date advice so that they make the right decision for them.

If you are looking for a mobile solution to fit perfectly with your company’s individual requirements and financial plan, get in touch today.

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