What new features are we likely to see when the Samsung Galaxy S4 launches next week?

With just over a week to go until the release of Samsung’s latest flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the hype and the expectations are beginning to build. There have been many rumours about what new features the technology giant has incorporated into the new model. Some conservative: others wildly speculative. The only thing that is known for sure is that the new model will be revealed on March 14, and that the specification will vary from region to region. So what are the technology experts predicting? What new features are we likely to see when the Samsung Galaxy S4 launches?

Two new features that have been trailed – Smart Scroll and Smart Pause, will prove to be extremely popular. Screenshots have been released which would tend to confirm that this latest rumour is in fact more than likely. The new feature involves eye-tracking technology which can detect the users head moving up and down. One screenshot shows features of the Smart Screen including Smart Scroll, Smart Stay, Smart Pause and Smart Rotation. Smart Rotation is screen orientation that adjusts to the angle of sight while Smart Stay detects if your face is still watching the screen and so disables timeout.

The new Smart Scroll will enable the user to scroll Internet web pages, the body of email messages and more by simply detecting that you are looking at the screen, and users can also control the speed and acceleration of the scrolling. Smart Pause meanwhile will detect if you move your head away from the screen while viewing videos and suitably pause any video that is playing. It will certainly be interesting to see these innovative features in action and to see how intuitive they really are.

The screenshots also seem to confirm the full HD 1080p display, which was leaked some days prior. The user interface whilst sharing similarities with the Galaxy S3 will incorporate Samsung’s Nature UX 2.0.

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