Why should your business be choosing audio conferencing solutions?

Why should your business be choosing Diamond Solutions audio conferencing facilities? Well, it’s simple really. Diamond Solutions utilises state of the art platforms to bring you the very best audio and web services available. Our range of services means that we can easily cater for both your day-to-day conferencing needs, and advanced audio conferencing requirements. Our commitment is to offer the very best service and our priority is to deliver the best price, quality, reliability and service.

How will Diamond Solutions audio conferencing services help your business?

Some of the key benefits of using the Diamond Solutions telephone conference service include:

  • Cost savings: save money on travelling costs like fares, fuel expenses and conference room hire charges.
  • Time savings: with audio conferencing downtime is cut to a minimum. Businesses will no longer waste precious hours travelling between meetings, waiting for delayed trains or be stuck in traffic jams.
  • Efficiency savings and increased productivity: even if your meetings are located close together, it’s difficult to fit in more than a couple of meetings a day if you have to travel to travel between them. With audio conferencing this problem is solved: productivity increases and you can focus on what’s important.
  • Audio conferencing takes the stress out of meetings: less time spent travelling means that business employees can experience a much better work/life balance, with less time spent away from homes and families.
  • Environmental benefits: audio conferencing will have an immediate impact on your bottom line, but it will also help to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and that is good for the environment.

Price – Some of the best prices in the industry and fully transparent pricing policies.

Quality – Crystal clear UK and international lines so you can be sure of being heard.

Reliability – Two fully diverse data centres for bullet proof reliability.

Service – Frost and Sullivan award winning customer service team on standby to help you at any time.

Value added features – Features not available from any other audio conferencing company including instant access to translators and written transcripts translated into over 150 languages.

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